How can you realistically prove that any two objects in our universe attract each other?

We know about gravity.

We already know for a fact that every object in the universe attracts every other object. You can thank Newton for that. But what if you had to conduct some experiment right now to prove the law of gravitation as given by Newton in his famous equation?


We read that two masses attract each other.

Anytime we read about gravitation, we read this statement that any two objects attract each other. Two objects in isolation will attract each other. But realistically speaking, when you look at the universe, you will find gazillions of objects that have mass and that, by our definition, are attracting each other. So if you and I and your computer and mobile phone are getting attracted by everything in the universe, then how can we conclude experimentally two things attract each other in isolation? How can we get these two objects in isolation from all other objects in the universe, as they are all exerting a force on everything else?

Just think like an experimenter and how you will pull this off. What things will you need to consider to prove experimentally the Newton’s law of gravitational attraction equation?

Gravity action-reaction

Here is an illustration of how any two ISOLATED objects will attract each other


Explore the concept of balancing of force which you may already know about. This is a fundamental law of nature that you cannot distinguish between a hundred totally balanced forces and no force at all on some object!

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Video link (Warning: video music is a bit loud)

Extra-trippy question:

When you keep two fingers of your hands 1cm apart, they will slowly move toward each other without you doing anything. Are the fingers attracting each other by gravity or some other force? Try it.

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