What if energy could be created or destroyed?

In our previous blog post, we wondered about what happens when one form of energy is converted into another form. We considered the statement that energy can neither be created nor destroyed in an isolated system to be true. But now we wonder about that precise statement.

What if energy could be created or destroyed?

An isolated system from our above statement can be something as simple as a box, or a room, or our entire planet Earth. (But not the entire Universe).

Create energy.

Let us now consider if we were able to create energy out of nothing. Then we could create a box or a machine that would sit on its own and give us usable energy from some mechanism that will last forever! Think about that! The battery of our mobile phones dies after a while. Our computers stop running when we don’t supply electricity. But with the possibility of creating energy, we could have mobile phones and computers that will run forever. Read more on Perpetual Motion.

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Cars won’t need fuel to run. We won’t need to eat food to keep ourselves going (that is, we can just use such a device to power us). We won’t need to struggle for food ever and thus, the society as we know it will be totally useless and soon change. All that we do in our current is just to work for more energy in some form or another. It will be a utopia where people will devote their time in pursuit of arts or science and money won’t be a concept in such a world (it is also equally probable to be a dystopia in the blink of an eye). We will soon run out of usable energy and life will cease to exist.

Destroy energy.

And what if we were able to destroy energy? Or something can arise naturally too that can destroy energy?

It would be a terrifying thing even if humans could control it. Think about a device that could potentially destroy the whole universe. This would be such a device. As energy is the basic currency of our current universe. If the basic currency could be destroyed, then there would be nothing to work on and nothing will exist. It is similar to the situation that will arise if all the money in our world is suddenly destroyed. We won’t be able to buy anything, to do anything, to be anything. Society as we know it will collapse.

Similarly, if a device could destroy energy from our universe altogether, then if it is uncontrolled, it can soon devour our entire universe.

For human purposes, such a device will only be useful to remove any excess energy. Imagine, you detonated a hydrogen bomb surrounded by such a device. It will not make any destruction as all the energy released by the bomb will be destroyed before it can wreak havoc. Or you can even surround a supernova with such a device and the explosion of the supernova will be as if it never even happened. Can you think of some hypothetical use of such a device on your own?

Fun question: Can you say that a black hole is such a device that can destroy energy?

A black hole does not let anything escape its event horizon.

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Stay curious.

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