If this doesn’t inspire you to study physics, nothing will.

Recently we came across a video interview of Richard Feynman, one of the greatest physicists of all time.

Mr Feynman explores the most basic concepts of physics and expresses them with such depth and vigour.

His enthusiasm is hard to miss so are the insights he gives us on the things we think we know.

We find it amazing how the simplest of the phenomenon has so much depth associated with it. We, as students, take some things for granted and miss out on such a wonderful experience called learning. Let’s watch the video.

Using physics to explain how the world works


video credits: infiniteinfiniteinfi

As you saw Mr Feynman very excitedly explains some of the most basic concepts of physics such as heat as the giggling of atoms. An insight that most of the tree comes out of the air and not ground as we very confidently feel.

The tree standing consumes the carbon dioxide with the help of the sun knocks off the oxygen and the remaining carbon along with some water and other minerals from the ground makes the substance of the tree. When we burn the tree the oxygen from the air gets combined with the carbon from the tree and carbon dioxide is again released out. This along with the heat and light. It is almost the same energy from the sun. This beautiful explanation gives us the insight into the man’s thought process. It motivates us to start thinking about the world around us in simplistic but realistic point of view. This is the way of science.

Also when asked to explain about the repulsion of two magnets, notice how candidly Mr Feynman turns down to explain it in terms of any other phenomenon. That again signifies the scientific way of approaching the problems around us. Some lesser man would have given an explanation to pass the moment. But Mr Feynman being a scientist was so outright clear about saying the right things and giving the right examples.

The most important part comes at the end where Mr Feynman says that even an ordinary person by studying hard can imagine such things and that there are no miracle people. That’s kind of a confirmation enough that if you apply your imagination properly you too can start on a path to mastering physics and other subjects.


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