All you should know about the pulleys and string mechanics

When it comes to mechanics a very popular problem is the one related to pulley and string.

The analysis of pulley string setup is of utmost importance in the study of general physics.

Basic Assumptions

There are some assumptions you must know regarding the setup. These assumptions serve us well to

analyse the situation in a simplistic but enlightening manner.

The pulleys considered, unless explicitly mentioned are frictionless both at the hinge of rotation and at their rims where the string is wound.

The strings used are massless and not extendible. i.e. they have constant length and even tension all along their length.

Keep the above assumptions in the mind while solving the pulley string problems. The other important thing to consider is the feel of motion. That is you must come to senses regarding the constraints in which the motion will take place. This greatly helps in approaching the problem in right manner.

With these things in mind please watch the video carefully and see if you can get a good understanding of the setup.

Video credits: DrPhysicsA



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