Physical World – Physics Chapter 1 Curiosity Questions

Here is a list compilation of the curiosity questions for the first chapter of Physics Class 11 (undergrad), Physical World:

  1. What is more important? Theory or practical experimentation?
  2. Why is it called “physics”?
  3. Are scientists always right about their predictions/theories?
  4. If earth exerts gravitational force on the objects, then why don’t we all enter into the Earth and go to the center?
  5. What if the electromagnetic force in the universe suddenly vanishes?
  6. What will happen if gravity vanishes?
  7. Is there a difference between the force exerted by a compressed spring and the force exerted by the same poles of two magnets when they come near each other?
  8. How did we come to know about nuclear force if we cannot even see the atoms or atomic nucleus?
  9. How can you realistically prove that any two objects in our universe attract each other?
  10. If the electromagnetic force is so much stronger than the gravitational force at any distance, then why do we have stars, planets, galaxies in our universe?
  11. What exactly is a charge?
  12. When any form of energy is converted into another form, what exactly is happening?
  13. What if energy could be created or destroyed?

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