Why you should never stop asking questions

In our current world, asking questions is discouraged. Most teachers are stressed out to get ahead with the syllabus with set deadline. And when some students ask questions, they either answer them half-heartedly or ignore them. The students then sense this attitude and do not ask any questions whatsoever. This is a gradual process. See how little children, who have just learnt to speak, ask hundreds of questions. They are curious. But the parents, then other elders ignore the questions due to no fault of the children themselves. Over time, the children know that their questions won’t be answered and then their minds stops asking questions in the first place.

This leads to a mind that is silent and which seeks out unnecessary pasttimes. The student stops to think in many different ways. Remember, there are many ways to think of a single thing. Take anything that is near you. For example, a currency note. Just look at it and observe it. You will be able to think of at least 10 questions related to the note and then any currencies in general. But you don’t ever wonder of those questions. Why? Because you have lost the ability to ask the questions.

Ignore those who discourage asking questions

But, we at Edofox, regard asking questions as one of the prime things that any student must do. Start slowly, ask minor unimportant questions first to anyone who will listen. You will find that some of your friends will ignore you, maybe your parents will ignore you or scold you for your “irrelevant” questions. Similarly, your teachers may ignore you. (If they do, remind them that it is their job to sort out your questions). But here is what you should do:

Ignore those who ignore your questions and don’t answer you.

Soon, you will find some amazing friends, mentors and teachers who will enthusiatically answer you. These people are the gems of our world. Stick with them. They will teach you so many important things that you will struggle to learn later on in life. Just by asking questions!

You learn more and faster.

This way you learn a lot faster about different things in our world. Think of this as getting free knowledge. When you cultivate this habit, you will constantly be on the seekout to learn more.

Your doubts are cleared.

You will obviously have lots of doubts. That is the basis of asking questions. There is no one who never gets any doubts. The people who never ask questions just never voice their doubts. But you are different. Whenever you have any doubt (which is just a question about something), you ask people. You will find very quickly that many people have incorrect answers to your questions. This teaches you not to trust so much in authority or elders in general and to seek out your own answers.

You develop a new thinking pattern.

Your view of the world changes. Things will fascinate you. Most people are bored and cannot bear to sit silent for one single minute. But you will be different. If and when you get some lone time, you won’t need some distraction like your mobile or some news article. You can just look at the sky and wonder about the flying clouds. Or you can look at your feet and wonder how the electrons in your feet never touch the electrons in the ground and you are essentially floating!

Rational thoughts are developed. You become great at analysing things.

You become a rational thinker in the long run and you may not realise the value of this, but rational thinkers are rare in this world. And when you have a habit of asking questions, you become an analyser of sorts. You question everything. You don’t take anything at face value. You know what source to trust and what to ignore. You can immediately pick out false claims. This is an important skill that is never taught anywhere, but which you need to learn on your own. Asking questions, a lot of questions, is the way to do that.

Deeper questions lead to unsovled questions that you can take up to work on or solve.

And finally, when you keep asking questions, you will finally arrive at some fundamental question which no one has yet figured an answer to. Richard Feynman (we love this guy) points this out really well. Watch the whole video.

And those fundamental questions are the ones that the pioneers in the respective fields are working on. Maybe one of those questions will grab your attention and won’t let you sleep. And maybe, just maybe, you will pursue that question and try to solve it, and in the process you will push humanity forward towards a better world.

Quote on the important of curiousity

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