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Online Exam Creation

Create an online exam and online practice test in just 15 minutes and with EDOFOX’s, the top online exam software. Leverage the technology that encompasses features such as question shuffling, remote proctoring, result analysis, partial marking system, question bank creation and management, etc.

Learning Management System

Manage various critical aspects of your educational setup, such as student enrolment, online fee collection, comprehensive live virtual classroom management, teacher-classroom allocation, and online content creation and management with our optimized, efficient and easy to use LMS.

Business/ Institution Management Platform

Our tailored/ custom configured platform enables you to handle crucial functions that include centralized admissions, hostel management, university examination system, outcome-based education, eLearning, and other verticals such as HR, finance, library, Training and Placement, general administration, etc.

About Us

EDOFOX, with its value-based approach and the ability to drive innovations, has become one of the most efficient EdTech brands in the tech-driven environment of India. The product contributes value to the online education ecosystem of every client with which we work. It includes online assessment platforms, a learning management system (LMS), and a business/ institution management platform, thus enabling you to manage every aspect of your setup and augment operational and administrative efficiency.

Features of EDOFOX

The Best Online Examination Software

EDOFOX, our intelligent and technologically equipped EdTech online assessment platform, offers a broad array of competitive features that enable you to manage every crucial function associated with online exam management. Some of the key feature include,

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PDF Parsing

The PDF parsing feature enables you to extract data and compressed images from various PDFs, and analyze PDF documents. It simplifies and expedites the otherwise time-consuming process.

Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring is EDOFOX’s exclusive feature that helps emulate the presence of an on-site proctor, confirm the identity of the test-taker and secure the online exam’s integrity.
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Bulk Question Uploading

The quick online exam software product allows seamless uploading of bulk questions. So, you do not have to split questions into sets, and upload the set one by one.

Test Planner

The test planning feature allows you to schedule your test for the entire semester, or year. Besides, test planning dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of the upcoming and already conducted tests for a particular month, or a semester.

Doubt Management Tool

EDOFOX’s doubt management tool is a unique feature that streamlines doubt resolution for teachers and students. The tool enables the teacher to look at a consolidated list of doubts for a particular que

SMS/ Email Alerts

With EDOFOX, never miss a scheduled test! Our SMS/ email alert feature sends notifications about an upcoming test, thus not requiring you to remember a particular test.

Empower the Education Sector with Sustainable EdTech Solutions

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5,00,000 +
Test Submit
25,000 +
Students Doubt Resolved
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Concurrent Testing

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Clients Testimonials

Clients Testimonials

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