Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023 Highlights

PARIKSHA PE CHARCHA 2023:  PM MODI , What is Pariksha Pe Charcha:   Pariksha pe charcha is the annual event conducted since 2018 . During the event the Prime Minister of India interacts with the students

Benefits of Remote Proctoring During Online Examination

The newly transformed education system that recently shifted from regular classrooms to online learning has brought some challenges to every educator’s table. One of them, associated with the online examination, is curbing malpractices. While cheating

How Online Exam Proctoring Software Make Exams Easy?

The pandemic-led closure of schools helped promulgate the concept of online education and therefore made online examinations inevitable. However, conducting an online exam is pretty challenging, especially considering the potential room it creates to indulge

5 Essential Report Formats Expected in Your LMS

Analytical report generation is one of the most significant features of a learning management system. It is also the reason why educators and corporate trainers choose to work on a learning management system software. However,

Why Invest in an Online Examination Software?

The progression of the pandemic, subsequent closure of schools and colleges, and the need to continue with education and assessments make it evident why educators must invest in online examination software. However, the question is,

What is an LMS? Advantages, Applications, and the Best Learning Management System

The shift of education from conventional classrooms (offline, as it is known in common parlance) to online learning has added many new dimensions to education in its entirety. Learning Management System, known by its acronym

Why Collaborative Learning is the Next Phase of LMS eLearning?

Let us begin with a question – what do you mean by collaboration? In simple language, collaboration involves several brains working together to address a concern and resolve it through a comprehensive and innovative solution.

Online Exam Software As The Ultimate Tool For All Kinds Of Exam

The definition of ‘education’ has undergone a sea change in the past few years with the advent of state-of-the-art technology. Nowadays, many educational institutes are employing technology for Admissions, Examinations, Fee payment, etc. with a

Changing The Dynamics Of Online Assessment Via Technology

Nowadays, the world over is adapting to technology and digitization for delivering value to students, enabling teachers to make the teaching process a fun-loving, interactive experience, with coming-of-age data plans, smartphones, and tablets becoming household

Using Online Examination System As A Veritable Platform For School, Colleges And University

Nowadays, education is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. It has spread its wings far and wide and is under your fingertips as an outcome of advancing technology. Many educational institutes are

A Paradigm Shift in The Learning Process Of Indian Education System Via Technology

The world over, including schools and educationists, is employing technology for imparting value-added education to students and helping teachers to make the teaching process a fun and interactive session. Technology in the Indian Education System,

Gearing Up for Online Examination Methodology During COVID-A Glimmer of Hope for The Entire Education System

Many businesses have either incurred financial losses or faded into oblivion due to COVID-induced lockdowns. Government across countries have initiated universities and higher education systems to adapt to remote instructions for covering lectures, exams, evaluations,