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Online Assessment Platform

Internal assessments form an integral part of the education system, as they enable teachers to conduct a periodic check concerning student’s knowledge and understanding of a particular concept and thus you should rely on Online Exam or Assessment Platform. Additionally, they also allow teachers to identify weaknesses, know the areas where a particular student needs to put in more effort, and thus evaluate individual and the entire classroom’s performance.

However, often, teachers are required to conduct internal assessments the way their system allows them, without customizing them. EDOFOX’s online exam platform proves a solution here. It offers several features that help teachers customize the exam and leverage various other online assessment features to enhance the competence of the exam and, further, manage them efficiently. Please take a look at some of EDOFOX’s online assessment platform’s features.

Online Exam Platform Features

SMS/Email Alerts

Internal assessments are as critical as unit tests and semesters. Hence, you shouldn’t miss on conducting them. Accordingly, EDOFOX’s SMS and email alert feature notifies you about an upcoming test well in advance and at various intervals to keep you reminded about it and avoid missing out on it.

Remote Proctoring

The remote proctoring feature enables you to video verify and confirm the test-taker’s identity. Further, it also allows you to video record the examination, flags inappropriate activities and misconducts, thereby helping you maintain the decorum and the integrity of the online assessment.

Bulk Question Uploading

EDOFOX’s eliminates the need to upload questions one by one. It allows you to upload bulk without splitting them into sets. Besides, it also enables you to add questions in a clickable image format, should the questions be unavailable in a digital or a PDF format.

Test Planner

The test planner feature allows you to schedule internal assessments for the entire semester and year and look at a comprehensive view of the past, present and future assessments.

PDF Parsing

The PDF parsing feature allows you to extract data and compressed images. It also enables you to analyze PDF documents quickly and helps you eliminate formatting errors.

Section Segregation

Alongside bulk question upload, you can categorize questions, depending on their type. So, for instance, you can classify questions as descriptive and option-based and update them in the online exam platform.

Real-Time Test Analysis

EDOFOX’s real-time test analysis feature enables you to do live tracking of the assessment for all the students. So, if a student commits an error, teachers can help him and re-allow him to attend the assessment, depending on the rules and regulations.

Shuffle Questions

You can further enhance the competence of the assessment by shuffling questions for the entire classroom by doing as many permutations and combinations as you want.

Doubt Management Tool

EDOFOX’s doubt management tools simplifies and expedites doubt resolution. It identifies similar questions and consolidates them to help a teacher save time, otherwise incurred in answering individually. It allows teachers to answer the questions in text, video, and image format to understand the answer better. Once the doubt is answered, students are notified through email.

Applications of EDOFOX Online Assessment Platform

The broad array of features that EDOFOX offers through its online exam platform makes it a new-age, relevant, and competent software. As a result, the online exam platform is used by different educational institutions including,



International Schools

Private Coaching Classes

Multinational Corporations

Educational Societies

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