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Online Doubt Solving

Often, teachers spend hours and even the whole day answering online doubts and questions asked by students. Many times, they are required to answer the same doubts and questions time and again. A conventional approach like this guzzles up their coaching bandwidth. But EDOFOX resolves this challenge to a significant extent. How?

Yes. EDOFOX’s online doubt solving feature enables you to consolidate all the similar questions, helps teachers to answer and upload them in the system, and notify students once the answers are ready. Students, in turn, receive the notification on the application or email. As a result, teachers save time answering the questions, and students also get answers to their questions in a relatively quick manner.

Online Doubt Solving Process

SMS/Email Alerts

Once the teacher updates the system, students receive a notification on their email

Remote Proctoring

Students raise their doubts for a particular question from the examination on the system.

Bulk Question Uploading

The question gets placed in the concerned teacher’s pending queue

Test Planner

The system consolidates the list of similar questions, along with keeping the unique ones separate

Shuffle Questions

The teacher receives a notification when he or she is tagged for a particular doubt

Real-Time Test Analysis

Students raise their doubts for a particular question from the examination on the system.

As a result, student-teacher interaction concerning doubt solving takes places completely online. Since the system consolidates similar-looking questions, teachers do not have to answer such questions repeatedly. Additionally, students get notified when the teacher resolves their doubts.

Applications of EDOFOX Online Assessment Platform

EDOFOX’s online doubt solving platform expedites, enhances, and streamlines the otherwise time-consuming process of online doubt solving. This doubt management feature makes EDOFOX one of the best doubt solving platforms in the online education space. As a result, it is used by several types of educational institutes, including,



International Schools

Private Coaching Classes

Multinational Corporations

Educational Societies

Invest in Efficiency and Better Online Learning with EDOFOX!