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Best Online Exam Software

EDOFOX is a unique and best online exam software that enables you to create an online exam or online practice test in only 15 minutes. As a modern-age educational institute and a part of the online education wave, EDOFOX adds value to your online examination system. The software provides a range of value-based features that simplify the creation of online practice tests and real-time examinations! Please take a look at some of EDOFOX’s essential features.

Our clients enjoy efficient creation of online real-time and online practice tests. The efficiency, time-savings, cost-savings, competencies, and the peace of mind that EDOFOX brings to the client’s table, makes it the best online exam software in India.

Online Exam Software Features

PDF Parsing

Extract data and compressed images from various PDFs and quickly analyze PDF documents with EDOFOX’s PDF parsing feature. This feature also helps you eliminate formatting errors.

Remote Proctoring

Emulate the presence of an on-site proctor, confirm the identity of the test conductor, and secure the online exam’s integrity with EDOFOX’s exclusive remote proctoring feature.

Bulk Question Uploading

Upload bulk questions without the need to split questions into sets and upload them one by one. Besides, add questions in a clickable image format in the absence of a PDF/ digital one.

Real-Time Test Analysis

Live track the exam activity of all the students. If students commit an error, you can reallow them to access the exam, based on your discretion.

SMS/ Email Alerts

Do not miss a scheduled test! Create an examination, and receive SMS/ email alert feature sends notifications about an upcoming test.

Section Segregation

Categorize questions based on their type. Classify them as objective and subjective, based on the exam needs, and update them accordingly in the online exam software.

Applications of EDOFOX Online Examination Software

Within a short time, EDOFOX has contributed value to the online education and online examination system. As a result, we have built a strong and diverse client base across the education and business sector.



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