Enhance Exam Security &
Exams with EDOFOX Remote Proctoring

EDOFOX’s remote proctoring is a unique feature that enables you to improve exam security,

eliminates the possibilities of cheating during the examination, and maintains exam integrity.

Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring is one of EDFOX’s many yet essential features from the viewpoint of improving the quality of Online Examination . We provide,

Live Online Proctoring: Activities are monitored live, recorded proctoring

Recorded Proctoring: Invigilators view screenshots, log data, and videos get recorded for later review

Advanced Proctoring: This remote proctoring feature identifies suspicious activities, flags them, and makes them available for review.

Our online remote proctoring features enable students to attend an examination from a remote location while maintaining the exam’s integrity. The feature helps confirm the identity of students and monitors them through the system’s webcam. As a result, it allows institutes, schools, colleges, universities, and eLearning companies to improve the quality of online examinations..

Remote Proctoring Features

Some of the benefits of EDOFOX’s remote proctoring feature include,


The feature enables you to emulate the presence of an on-site proctor, confirm the test conductor’s identity, and maintain the online exam’s integrity.

Continual Video Recording

The feature enables continual video recording of the examination. So, the students are always watched during the examination.

No Need for Physical Proctors

Remote proctoring, as the name suggests, eliminates the need for physical proctors and yet proves more beneficial than the presence of a physical proctor.

Flagging of Suspicious Actions

While recording, if the student is found to be involved in suspicious activities such as cheating, or other malpractices, the feature, through video recording, immediately flags it.

Advanced Exam Security

The feature enables students to join the examination after they confirm their identity. It eliminates the possibility of someone else attending the examination on a particular student’s behalf. Further, since the examination is recorded on video, students do not have the chance to indulge in malpractices.

Applications of EDOFOX Online Examination Software

Our online remote proctoring feature is beneficial for every segment of the education sector. Besides, we work relentlessly toward evolving the feature to enhance the quality of online examinations and make them even more secure, competitive, and trustworthy. The feature is used by,



International Schools

Private Coaching Classes

Multinational Corporations

Educational Societies

Competitive & Secure Examination with EDOFOX Online Remote Proctoring