Features of EDOFOX

The Best Online Examination Software

EDOFOX, our intelligent and technologically equipped EdTech online assessment platform, offers a broad array of competitive features that enable you to manage every crucial function associated with online exam management. Some of the key feature include,

SMS/Email Alerts

With EDOFOX, never miss a scheduled test! Our SMS/ email alert feature sends notifications about an upcoming test, thus not requiring you to remember the schedule of a particular test.

Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring is EDOFOX’s exclusive feature that helps emulate the presence of an on-site proctor, confirm the identity of the test conductor, and secure the online exam’s integrity.

Section Segregation

EDOFOX’s section segregation tools enables you to categorize questions, based on their type. For instance, you can classify them as objective and subjective, based on the exam needs.

Video Upload

Upload as many videos as you want through EDOFOX’s video upload feature. The feature enables students easy access to downloaded videos, and refer to them based on the topics they study.

Geo-location Tracking

Activating the feature requires you to give students’ location, and in return, enables you to live track the examination. As a result, the feature proves helpful in monitoring and eliminating malpractices during the examination.

Optimal Network Usage

In locations struggling with poor connectivity, the activation of this feature allows test conductors to download the exam in an encrypted format in a 2G/ 3G network and enables a seamless examination experience to students.

Sign-up Link

In case of students’ admission, the institute can create an online admission/sign-up link through which students can enroll themselves in the institute. As a result, the administration department saves a lot of time and energy incurred in manual enrollments. Further, the system can also integrate an online payment gateway with the same link to help the institute collect its fees.

Bulk Question Uploading

The quick online exam software product allows quick and efficient uploading of bulk questions. So, you do not have to split questions into sets, and upload the set one by one. This feature enables you to add the questions in image format, in the absence of PDF/ digital format of questions. So, teachers have to click the question’s image if they want to include it in the examination.

PDF Parsing

The PDF parsing feature helps you extract data and compressed images from various PDFs, and analyze PDF documents. It simplifies and expedites the otherwise time-consuming PDF parsing process, and allows you to upload an examination in less than five minutes. PDF is the format used to export content, and additionally, you can always convert documents created into word and excel into PDF. It eliminates the chances of formatting errors, and many other concerns.

Question Bank Creation and Management

You can create your own question bank for future reference, manage it end-to-end, update and upgrade it, use it to help students practice, and for assessment purposes. Additionally, the feature enables exam creation, as only some parameters have to be selected by the admin and the system automatically generates a sample test for the admin to review.

Advanced Test Settings

This feature restricts the number of times and the amount of time for which a student can access the exam. For instance, once a student minimizes/closes the exam window for a specific number of times (based on the threshold), the system automatically submits the test. Additionally, as the administrator, you can set the number of times for which a student can reopen the test window.

Doubt Management Tool

EDOFOX’s doubt management tool is a unique feature that streamlines doubt resolution for teachers and students. The feature provides teachers with a consolidated list of doubts for a particular question, and answers them at once, without having to answer the same doubt time and again. Once the doubt is resolved and updated, students receive a notification on email and the application.

Result Analysis & Reporting

The online examination creation product enables instant real-time analysis of students’ results and reports it online to the concerned such as administrators, parents, and students. It provides a detailed analysis of students’ performance and paves the way to more focused and specific corrective measures.

Student Enrollment

EDOFOX’s student enrollment feature simplifies the process of student admission. So, neither students, nor you have to go through the lengthy or tedious enrollment process. The process is entirely online, efficient, and facilitates timely updates about the admission process and confirmation.

Test Planner

The test planning feature allows you to schedule your test for the entire semester, or year. Besides, the test planning dashboard offers a comprehensive view of the upcoming and already conducted tests for a particular month or a semester. It enables better and quicker test planning.

Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload allows the admin to upload the data of all its existing students on the portal in a bulk. The management can set parameters, on the basis of which the information it needs gets displayed on the portal. (For management use only)

Online Fees Collection

The online fee collection feature enables you to send reminders about pending fees, upcoming fee payment alerts, share secure payment links, and collect fees online. Further, the feature sends online payment confirmation.

Classroom Management

Enjoy comprehensive classroom management through EDOFOX’s classroom management feature that allows teachers to manage every essential aspect of live online classrooms such as student attendance, classroom schedule, and perform other tasks such as screen sharing, etc.

Assigning Teachers to Respective Classrooms

Administrators or principles can now assign teachers to respective classrooms online, based on the current schedule, thereby avoiding last-minute delays or clashes.

Online Content Creation & Management

EDOFOX allows you to create classroom-wise, batch-wise, and subject-wise content online (in the form of videos, text, graphics, audio files, etc.), update it, upgrade it, and manage it efficiently.

PDF Upload

The PDF upload features enables teachers to upload numerous PDFs of varying sizes. The feature allows teachers to help students access internet PDF files, and enable access at any time.

Partial Marking Scheme

This feature enables partial making which constitutes an evaluation method used in several competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, and Main Advanced. Once you enable the feature, it enables you to evaluate students’ exams, based on the principles you’ve set.

Chapter Related Tests Upload

Streamline online examination management, as EDOFOX enables you to upload the test based on the chapter. Adding chapter-wise questions over a while helps you create a question bank, from which, you can pick up questions and add them into an examination whenever needed.

Topic wise Doubt Management

Raising, documenting, and answers doubts topic-wise streamlines and expedite the entire process. Besides, teachers and students can refer to a particular question and its answer easily, whenever they want.