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India’s fastest online exam creation platform

Create an online exam and online practice test in just 15 minutes and with EDOFOX’s, the top online exam software – Create any online exam in less than 15 minutes using AI driven PDF parsing solution

Automated offline exam conduction (OMR)

Use our cloud based OMR software to automatically generate and distribute results of any offline exams in no time. Students will also be able generate their comprehensive performance report of full academic year helping them improve perpetually

Learning Management System

Manage various critical aspects of your educational setup, such as student enrolment, online fee collection, comprehensive live virtual classroom management, teacher-classroom allocation, and online content creation and management with our optimized, efficient and easy to use LMS.

Business/ Institution Management Platform

Our tailored/ custom configured platform enables you to handle crucial functions that include centralized admissions, hostel management, university examination system, outcome-based education, eLearning, and other verticals such as HR, finance, library, Training and Placement, general administration, etc.

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Most Important reasons you should explore Edofox!

EDOFOX, our intelligent and technologically equipped EdTech online assessment platform, offers a broad array of competitive features that enable you to manage every crucial function associated with online exam management.

Fastest Exam Creation

The PDF parsing feature enables you to extract data and compressed images from various PDFs, and analyze PDF documents. It simplifies and expedites the otherwise time-consuming process.

Cloud Based OMR

Automate your offline MCQ based exams, especially like CET/NEET using our cloud based OMR solution which works with any scanner/mobile and processes results automatically which can be distributed to students on web/app

Realtime Attendance

Integrate your biometric devices with Edofox and track student’s attendance real time. Send notifications to parents on student entry/exit and absenty

CRM and Marketing

Track all of your admission enquiries at one place and push updates to all potential enquiries to keep them engaged to increase chances of conversion.

Online Fees Collection

Collect student fees online using any payment method available and generate receipts automatically. Increase chances of payment and avoids payment delays

Parent Communication

Keeping parents informed about everything that’s happening is of utmost importance. Keep your students/parents informed of exam results, notices, attendance report, performance analysis and much more.

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