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Learning Management System

EDOFOX’s Learning Management System is a well-researched technology-based product that precisely addresses the education delivery, learning, and administrative needs of educational institutions such as colleges, schools, and universities. It automates, expedites, and digitizes every possible aspect of the education ecosystem and gives educators a competitive edge. Please take a look at EDOFOX’S features that denote the unique proposition that it offers.

Learning Management System Features

Some of the features of our LMS include,

Classroom Management

Our comprehensive classroom management allows teachers to manage every essential aspect of live virtual classrooms. It includes student attendance, classroom schedule, and perform other tasks such as screen sharing, etc., thereby enhancing the efficiency of online classrooms.

Student Enrollment

Our LMS’s student enrollment feature expedites and simplifies student enrollment process. It eradicates the need to go through the tedious enrollment process. The LMS digitizes the entire enrollment process and facilitates timely updates about the admission process and confirmation.

Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload enables you to upload the data of all the existing students on the portal in bulk. The institution’s management can set parameters based on which it can see the required information on the portal. Kindly note that the feature is available only for management use.

Online Fees Collection

Online fee collection is available as a separate feature that helps you send reminders about pending fees and upcoming fee payment alerts. Additionally, it shares secure payment links and enables online fee collection. Further, the feature sends online payment confirmation to the fee payer.

Video Upload

Our LMS’s Video Upload feature enables you to upload as many videos as you want and provides students easy access to downloaded videos or video lectures. Students can refer to these videos and video lectures as and when they want, based on their learning needs.

Online Content Creation & Management

Our LMS feature enables teachers to create classroom-wise, batch-wise, and subject-wise content online (in the form of videos, text, graphics, audio files, etc.), update it, upgrade it, and manage it efficiently. They can access the updated content anywhere and anytime.

Topic-Wise Doubt Management

Our LMS’s topic-wise doubt management simplifies and accelerates the process of raising, documenting, and answering topic-wise doubts. Besides, the answers remain the LMS’s database, thus providing students and teachers access to the answer easily, as and when they want.

Sign-up Link

To help students enroll, you can create an online admission/sign-up link through which students can enroll themselves. It helps your administration department saves a lot of time and energy spent in manual admissions. Further, the LMS also integrates an online payment gateway through the same link to facilitate online fee collection.

PDF Upload

The PDF upload feature allows teachers to upload several PDFs of varying sizes and enables them to provide students access to the internet PDF files at any time.

Applications of EDOFOX Learning Management System

Our LMS is used by multiple elements of the education ecosystem. The product continues to contribute to the efficiency of clients, and helps them achieve sustainability. Additionally, it enables them to deliver education efficiently, and achieve learning excellence. Our clientele includes,



International Schools

Private Coaching Classes

Multinational Corporations

Educational Societies

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